Sachin Tendulkar cricinfo

The sachin tendulkar cricinfo sources gives us ample information about the cricketer’s life, his achievements and the feats that he has accomplished in life. It is the full source of information about the world’s best cricketer, for every fan of his.

Sachin Tendulkar is the name, which today is quiet common in every individual’s mouth, not only in India but also over the world. This Indian cricketer is today counted among the best batsmen of the world. The excellence he has shown on the field is the reason behind his immense success as a cricketer. The several world records he has created are incredible and a sheer exhibition of excellence as well as experience gained over the years. He started his career as a cricketer at a very young age, and as the proverb goes, ‘morning shows the day’, it was not too long after which people could see the brilliance inherent in him. Some of the records made by him have still remained unbeaten.

The latest Sachin Tendulkar score card since his last international century which happened on the 12th of March, 2011 mentions:

Days elapsed: 306

Matches Played: 13

Innings: 21

Mode of Dismissals: Caught (13), LBW (5), Bowled (2), Run Out (1)

Highest Score: 94

Runs Scored: 875

Half-Centuries: 8

The whole world in now waiting for the 100th century of the master batsman.  He is the most complete history has seen and a prolific runmaker as well. He is truly the icon of the game.